Garden Design

My Summer Garden Project

August, 2012

After taking out a dwarf tree that had grown too big, I envisioned a small pond with a waterfall of carved rock.

I enlisted Chuck Longyear from LANDMASTERS  who made my vision come true. 

After hand carving the rock formation for the waterfall he skillfully installed the pond which I have truly enjoyed landscaping this summer. 

Early one morning I was blessed to witness a Hummingbird sitting on the ledge of one of the waterfalls taking a bath.

Four Northern Green Frogs and two Northern Leopard Frogs have been living in the pond all summer and have kept me company along with a chipmunk.

Before I Started...

Here is a picture of my garden in early Spring
before I s
tarted my garden makeover project.

Pond design by LANDMASTERS/Chuck Longyear



"The Homes That Are Important to Us Are the Ones that allow us to Dream in Peace."




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